Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts on Education

This article is highly debatable, as is anything related to parenting. Specifically, the author of this article vehemently disagrees with another parenting article which asserts parents should not remind their children to say “thank you,” “excuse me” etc. According to that author, this is up to the child to do, and if they don’t, that is their choice. In other words, we should not push our children to be polite if they don’t want to be.

I, like the author of this article, completely disagree. Every child needs autonomy, but still needs to be taught basic manners. If they are not taught, they won’t learn, especially if the behavior is not modeled by the parents either. Raising children to think they can do or not do whatever they like, whenever they like, is doing them a huge disservice.

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