Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts on Education

These 5 secret ways, as outlined by the Montessori school, are not so secret to the discerning parent. Building the connection between a parent and child is important for the child’s success at home, and in school.

  1. Take an interest in your child’s interests. This shows your child that you care what they do!
  2. Don’t meet anger with anger. While this is definitely difficult, especially when you are low on energy and high in stress. Remember, getting angry at your child will only create more tension and make solving the problem even harder.
  3. Every child is different. It is easy to compare your child to your friend’s, neighbor’s, cousin’s…the list is endless. It is important to remember that each child has their own talents and it does them no good to compare them to others.
  4. Don’t overindulge your child. Rewarding good behavior and praising your child is important, but overindulging them in any way can harm them, instead of helping.
  5. Be a role model. This goes without saying! Children are like sponges and pick up on every single thing they are seeing and hearing. Be careful how you speak and act around them, so they can model good behavior.

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