Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts on Education

The skills gained in childhood can set up children for life, specifically with reading and writing skills. An encouraging home environment can foster these skills, and help further develop them, so your children can become proficient in these specific areas.

  1. Talk and interact with your child whenever possible. This will get your children used to hearing language and develop their speech, along with their reading, math, and other necessary skills.
  2. Don’t limit your child to baby talk. Speak to your child like you would usually speak. Don’t dumb down words for them or speak in a “baby language.” This can be confusing and impede their language development.
  3. Make reading materials readily available. Go to the library regularly with your children. Read to them often. And always make reading materials available at home. Showing how much you value reading, can only increase their own value of reading and learning.

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