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My Thoughts on Education

How Kids Learn Better By Taking Frequent Breaks

August 16, 2017

This article points to the need for student’s to take frequent breaks throughout the school day, in order to boost their energy and learning abilities. I feel like this is not only applicable for children, but adults as well! Breaks taken at regular intervals throughout the day can boost energy in the office, morale, and […]

We Need Fewer Exams and More Wilderness Education

August 9, 2017

According to Ben Fogle, the government needs to introduce more outdoor education- focusing our children’s education on connecting to nature. Creating wilderness camps and schools, having free play in the open outdoors can make children more cooperative, according to the research. With a strong focus on exams and government testing, today’s education system can make […]

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

July 26, 2017

This article is important for every parent to read. being hyper focused on our children’s level of intellect and how much they achieve in school is the exact opposite of a healthy way to foster growth and development. Making grades and talents the be all and end all of success brings tremendous pressure to the […]

Fresh Air Greatly Influences Language Development

July 12, 2017

Learning outdoors can greatly influence a young child’s language development, according to recent research as outlined in this article. The language development a child achieves at a young age can influence what they accomplish and learn in the future. Because children are more often indoors than not, educators have to find creative ways to increase […]

Your Child is a Natural Born Liar- and that Isn’t so Bad

July 4, 2017

The first thing parents associate with their child’s lying is: this is bad. The child needs to be taught to never tell a lie, no matter what. And then, a parent could get to thinking: what if they lying worsens? Is the child going to always lie? The first thing this article points to, is […]

Blaming Children Without Real Facts

June 27, 2017

This is an important article that outlines the need to deal with children fairy, especially when we don’t see what occurred during an incident or fight between children. Instead of automatically believing one child over the other without witnessing the event, it is important to keep these few points in mind: Staying calm during an […]

The Importance of Play

June 12, 2017

Learning through play follows children’s interests in the classroom and develops stimulating activities based on what the child is interested in. This article reiterates the importance of play in early childhood education, as outlines by Tom Shea, who has created childcare focusing on the “children first.” The early childhood years are when the brain develops […]

Focusing On Teacher Health to Improve Education

June 6, 2017

This article highlights the need of affording teachers the same support and tools as we do coaches. With schools having such a focus on sports, little resources are left for the teachers, leaving them unduly stressed. As a result, the students suffer negative results, not to mention the adverse effects on the teachers such as […]

How to Make Conversation a Powerful Part of Your Child’s Day

May 15, 2017

As this article points out, meaningful conversation is one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to connect with your children and further their development. The number of tips listed here, such as reading to your children, asking open ended questions, and discussing current events all allow for a regular flow of detailed conversation that […]

A Dangerous Parenting Fad

May 3, 2017

This article is highly debatable, as is anything related to parenting. Specifically, the author of this article vehemently disagrees with another parenting article which asserts parents should not remind their children to say “thank you,” “excuse me” etc.¬†According to that author, this¬†is up to the child to do, and if they don’t, that is their […]