Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts on Education

The first thing parents associate with their child’s lying is: this is bad. The child needs to be taught to never tell a lie, no matter what. And then, a parent could get to thinking: what if they lying worsens? Is the child going to always lie? The first thing this article points to, is that childhood lying is very normal. This is not a sign that they are going to become childhood delinquents, rather it is a sign of impressive cognitive skills.

Yes, lying proves the child’s brain is working properly, yet it should not be applauded. One thing parents could do, is frame questions that normally lead to a lie, differently, so they wont set up their child for a lie. Another idea is to praise honesty, while those same traits yourself. Keep in mind lying is normal, yet should be kept in check through proven techniques.

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